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Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

A program of cooperation between the private sector, national authorities and foreign agencies, created to promote secure international trade. Its primordial objective is to encourage the implementation of preventive actions aimed at reducing smuggling, drug trafficking and terrorism through lawful trading.

Reduction of theft and loss as a result of operations monitoring and applied risk analysis.

Confidential handling and protection of information as a result of security filters applied when hiring personnel.

Service continuity in case of disruption.

Low risk of contamination of goods in transportation (traceability).

AVerified supply chain actors not involved in illicit activities (“Clinton List”).

Quality in Customs Agency Services

Development of operation in accordance with pre-established processes and standards.

Focus of policies and objectives based on customer satisfaction.

Certified human capital (critical positions) supervising operations.

Standardization of processes in all our operations offices and business units.

Robust infrastructure in accordance with service requested.

Socially Responsible Company

Action against internal and external corruption through a code of ethics.

Active promotion of the quality of life of employees, optimizing their performance.

Respect for the environment by contributing to environmental conservation.

Participation in solutions to meet the social needs of the community.

Promotion of human rights and dignity.

Data Universal Numbering System

DUN & BRADSTREET recognizes GOMSA LOGÍSTICA as an innovative company in constant growth, with extensive experience in the international trade sector. Since its foundation it has taken on the task of offering its customers comprehensive, high-quality services, which have positioned it as a benchmark company in the international logistics sector.